What is the practicality of the Microdosing Community?

What is microdosing?
Microdosing is that the act of consuming psychedelics in small quantities regularly. Microdosing suggests that rather than taking a more considerable amount of a psychedelic at just one occasion to supply significant experiences, one can take minuscule portions of the substances at regular intervals to enjoy the beneficial effects of the psychedelics without prompting a hallucinatory or dissociative experience.

Many psychedelic substances are incredibly beneficial for the mind and health. The few side effects of psychedelics have discouraged people from their users who aren’t comfortable with hallucinatory or dissociative experiences.

Microdosing provides an avenue for such individuals to explore the advantages of psychedelics without experiencing many more significant dissociative effects of the substances.

Instead, through microdosing, one can significantly facilitate their mental and physical health, as most psychedelics interact positively with the system, even in minuscule quantities.

Microdosing enthusiasts report increased concentration, better creative expression, improvement in memory and cognition, and the ability to clear their minds and focus exclusively on specific tasks.

All these aspects make microdosing psychedelics a positive and rewarding practice that’s gaining increased popularity worldwide.

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Nurturing a Microdosing Community
It is an attribute to hunt approval from others and find comfort in compliance with social norms. we’ve grown as a civilization by supporting ideals of social etiquette and morals that have to be upheld and prescribed by active members of society.

Individuals who attack these social norms are often considered “outcasts” or “rebels, “which is an incredibly negative connotation and damaging to society’s creative evolution.

By extinguishing the flame of curiosity and exploration and demanding compliance from all society members, the planet today has evolved into a bland and subjugated community that’s scared of exploring the planet, relationships, and themselves for fear of backlash and criticism from the community.

With the increase of microdosing, a change in attitude is required to permit humans to reach subsequent social journeys.

As we mentioned within the introductory paragraph, a world that’s united in purpose and collectively aimed toward exploring the bounds of consciousness, social relationships, and therefore the wonders of the planet can create a nurturing and supportive environment that greatly encourages and rewards self-expression and discovery.

For this reason, we feel that it’s incredibly necessary to create a positive microdosing community across the world so that we may share the fruits of our curiosity and convey more profound knowledge extracted from experience to others and ourselves.

The Value And Benefits Of A Microdosing Community
We, as a society, perpetuate and value shared experiences. As Christopher McCandless wrote,

“Happiness is merely real when shared.”

This great quote can entice a reimagination of the worth of shared experiences, and the way a community united in its love and support for a specific practice can harmonize relationships and interactions across the participation pool harmoniously and encouragingly.

When we apply the idea of shared experiences to microdosing psychedelics, we will postulate that a society that embraces the practice of microdosing as a collective can together experience a transcendental uplift of morals, morale, insight, spirituality, expression, creativity, realization, discovery, and exploration, that’s impossible to make through the other means.

A community that protects and encourages the sacred rights of self-realization and exploration can enjoy a significantly increased nurturing of relationships and far more profound agreement than a community bent on antagonistically punishing people who seem to steer in a different direction.

This article isn’t meant to inspire a revolution in human thought. It aims to bring backlight the very fact that a microdosing community has got to offer the planet far more than is predicted.

Combined with the beneficial mental and health effects of the practice of microdosing, a social understanding and encouragement will cause not only a way more accepting approach to psychedelics but also easier access to those wonderful substances that nature has offered for our benefit.

The world is filled with wonders, and that we must only open our minds and our hearts to new experiences to urge an opportunity to fully understand the majesty of the human experience!

As some of you may know, Journey was once known as ‘Micro1P’. We are proud to be the world’s first legal microdosing company.